Ozone is the most effective naturally occuring antimicrobial disinfectant on earth and has several benefits when used in water.

Kona Ozonated Faucet Water is 100% natural, chemical-free and disinfects in a few seconds. It effectively removes bacteria, viruses, pesticides and fungus without leaving any chemical residue. It keeps food fresher, cleans any surface and is sound for personal hygiene.

Discover many more advantages with Kona Ozone.

In The Kitchen

Frees food from bacteria & toxins: Naturally, when foods are purchased, they’re exposed to bacteria from vendors and customers. By washing your produce with Kona Ozonated Faucet Water, surface bacterium is killed. Harmful pesticides and herbicides are rendered harmless, making food safe to eat.

Keeps food fresh for longer: Kona Ozonated Faucet Water will not only kill micro-organisms that cause food spoilage, but also destroys ethylene gas that causes vegetables to wither. Ozone delays the process of moulding and decay of many perishable foods. It’s helping them retain freshness and flavour for longer.

Easily disinfect your kitchen equipment: Disinfect your kitchen equipment by using Kona Ozonated Faucet Water. This reduces the risk of transmitting germs through surface contact around your kitchen. Ozone removes mildew, fungus germs and odours that soap and water will leave behind. Use Kona Ozonated Faucet Water as a barrier against bacterial contamination and food poisoning in your home.

By washing under running ozone water, you can:

  • Kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on contact. These include all common food pathogens: E. coli, Salmonella, Hepatitis-A, Legionella, Listeria and Shigella.
  • Wash food ingredients that require no cooking, such as salads, raw fish, seafood and meat.
  • Prolong the shelf life of fresh produce such as vegetables, fruits, seafood and meat, meaning significant cost savings from reduced spoilage and perishable loss.
  • Wash kitchen utensils, crockery and cutlery so that they will be bacteria-free.
  • Wipe tables and work surfaces to rid of germs.
  • Remove agricultural chemical residues and pesticides from vegetables and fruits.
  • Remove chlorine residues and its unpleasant taste from tap water.
  • Eliminate the use of hot water and conventional sanitisers and save on daily operational costs.

In The Bathroom

Natural skincare & haircare: Kona Ozonated Faucet Water is a natural treatment for healthier skin and nails. It helps to keep the skin free from germs with less drying compared to ordinary chemical. If you have dry, brittle hair or itchy scalp, using Kona Ozonated Faucet Water could result in improved hair condition. The anti-microbial properties of the water help eliminate bacteria causing scalp itchiness.

Treats Acne & Psoriasis: Ozone is ideal for facial cleansing to reduce pimples and acne caused by germs on your skin. Kona Ozonated Faucet Water is excellent for topical treatment to wash sores, ulcers, and burns. It heals wounds and skin diseases causing red dry or scaly skin inflammation. It can also help to improve bacterial skin infections such as eczema and psoriasis.

Oral hygiene care: Using Kona Ozonated Faucet Water could prevent teeth decay and halitosis. It also disinfects toothbrushes stored in the bathroom. Gargling with ozone water can remove unpleasant odours and prevent oral infections. It can also treat cancer sores and other sensitive oral areas.

Foot hygiene care: For the most natural and effective foot hygiene simply wash your feet with Kona Ozonated Faucet Water. Ozone water is good for treating and preventing athlete’s foot or other foot fungus conditions. This is in addition to eliminating any unpleasant odours.

By washing under running ozone water, you can:

  • Boost your skin, hair and nails.
  • Treat skin infections such as psoriasis and acne
  • Washes sores, ulcers, burns, and promotes the healing of wounds.
  • Prevents teeth and mouth from having decay and halitosis.
  • Remove unpleasant odours, keep the mouth fresh and prevent oral infections.
  • Treat cancer sores and other sensitive oral areas.
  • Treats and prevents athlete’s foot or other foot fungus conditions.
  • Eliminates any unpleasant odours.

Around The House

Natural & chemical free cleanser: Unlike regular household chemicals, Kona Ozonated Faucet Water is 100% natural and safe to use as a cleanser or disinfectant around your home. When used for washing, it effectively removes germs and chemical impurities. It also deodorizes and brightens colours and breaks down stubborn stains.

Flowers & gardening: Kona Ozonated Faucet Water neutralises surface micro-organisms that cause cut flowers to decay. It also helps reduce algae, fungus, mildew, spores and root rot. Ozone water can also restrain plant diseases and insect pests. Watering plants with ozone water keeps them healthier, promotes growth and raises the pH of the soil.

Pet hygiene: Kona Ozonated Faucet Water is non-toxic and good for washing animals. It dissipates rapidly and leaves behind pure oxygen after oxidizing germs, chemicals impurities and odours. The ozone water will also destroy bacteria and algae in your fish tank. This is done without using any harmful chemicals or harming the fish. As a result, you fish will be healthier and the water will be clearer.

By washing under running ozone water, you can:

  • Disinfect your pets.
  • Remove fur odours.
  • Reduce your pet’s skin, dental, ear and eye diseases.
  • Sanitise food and food preparation areas.
  • Destroy micro-organisms that cause cut flowers to decay and wilt.
  • Prolong the life of plants and cut flowers by eliminating ethylene gas naturally produced through normal ageing and decaying processes.
  • Reduce the growth of algae, fungi, mildew, spores and root rots on plants.
  • Generate better monetary returns by improving the shelf life of cut flowers.

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Washing under running ozone water for a few seconds kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on contact.

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