The ozone water will give off a fresh cut grass smell which will dissipate within a very short while.

This May be due to a blockage in the aerator or incoming water pipes.

The ozone concentrate in air within 1000mm of the Kona Ozone Faucet meets the FDA regulations for the USA. Maximum effective levels of Ozone. Refer also to the KONA FDA pass certificate.

Ozone water will remove 99% of most common bacteria, (eg: Eschericha coli, Staphylococcus aureus; Legionella pneumophila as well as multi-drug resistant pathogens) and eliminates so called Drug-resistant Superbugs
See test reports: Eliminate Bacteria SGS Bacteria Test and Eliminate Drugresistant Pathogen Test.

We do not recommend Ozone Gas generators for domestic applications unless applied by trained professionals. Ozone delivery in gaseous form is extremely difficult to accurately apply without high concentrations or extended time to exposure and can be dangerous if the concentrations exceed FDA regulations. The KONA Ozonated Faucet is the safest delivery system as delivery is targeted and controlled, the ambient ozone concentrations of Kona Ozone Faucets are certified to operate within FDA requirements. KONA Ozone Faucet is a unique and patented product beware of untested cheap copies.

There is divided opinion in the Medical fraternity we recommend you leave the water for 15 minutes to allow O3 to dissipate. KONA Ozone Australia do not recommend ingesting or the consumption of Ozonated water unless 15 minutes since pouring has lapsed. 


The following are positive side effects of ozonated water:

- Nails and hair grow longer and stronger

- the skin has a healthy glow

- a person has more energy (anecdotal benefit of ingestion and not endorsed by KONA Ozone Australia)

- falling asleep is easier (anecdotal benefit of ingestion and not endorsed by KONA Ozone Australia)

Reported negative side effects of exposure to excessive Ozone Gas concentrates which might include Ozone Water ingesting within 15 minutes (certainly if Ozone concentration is in excess of FDA recommended limits)

Note that KONA Faucet Ozone water is well within FDA regulations thereby negating any and all of the side effects also note that KONA Faucet Ozone water is NOT Ozone therapy, ingest Ozone water only after awaiting 15 minutes of pouring:

- shortness of breath and other respiratory problems.

- enzyme inacvaon

- swelling of blood vessels

- poor circulaon

- heart problems

- increased risk of stroke

- causing pulmonary embolism and death if given in gaseous form intravenously.

(Medical News Today - side effects of ozone therapy 2017, November 7)

As a comparison based on 99.99% of bacterial concentration being killed and me taken, ozone is:

- 25 times more effective than HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid)

- 2,500 times more effective than OCl (Hypochlorite)

- 5,000 times more effecve than NH2Cl (Chloramine)

Furthermore, ozone is at least ten mes (some say 100x) stronger than chlorine as a disinfectant. Chlorine reacts with meat forming highly toxic and carcinogenic compounds called THMs or tri-halomethanes - rendering meats lesser quality products. THMs were also implicated as carcinogens related to kidney, bladder, and colon cancers. Chlorine also results in the production of chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, and chloromethane besides THMs. On the other hand, ozone does not leave any trace of residual product after its oxidative reaction.

Ozone water will remove 99% of most common bacteria, (eg: Eschericha coli, Staphylococcus aureus; Legionella pneumophila as well as multi-drug resistant pathogens) See test report.

KONA are the first and only family owned brand integrating ozone generators with taps so that every household can get to benefit from ozone water. There are ozone products in market, for example using a connector to fit onto an aerator of a regular tap and this type of product is cheap and has no proven value. Effectiveness of these cheap options is unknown. Safety of these cheap options is unknown. So we can say there is no direct competition. 

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Ozonated water is a cold-water disinfection agent. Use of chlorine-based sanitizing systems require frequent deliveries, dedicated storage space, and the training and tasking of employees on how to measure and mix proper proportions of chemical cleaning agents. Chlorine-based systems also require substantial rinsing. Inadequate rinsing can result in the addition of unpleasant bleach flavor to food products. Conversely, there is no hot water or storage of chemicals needed with ozonated water. Training of food handlers in the use of ozonated water is a one-step process: Immerse the food in running ozonated water for at least 30 seconds. The benefits of ozonated water systems don't stop there: They only require inspection and maintenance once a year, on average; they are environmentally safe as the ozone molecules naturally revert to oxygen within 20 minutes; they don't require dedicated disposal procedures, like chlorine-based products; and they don't leave behind harmful residues.

Tri-atomic oxygen is infused into ozonated water by way of the patented KONA Ozone Faucet to produce an all-natural sanitizing agent that can be 100 percent stronger than chlorine and 3000x faster acting. It prevents decay and thus extends shelf life by eliminating decomposition agents such as bacteria, yeast, and moulds, and enhances food safety by reducing populations of food borne pathogens, including E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and Shigella. Eliminate Bacteria SGS Bacteria Test.

Ozone can work about 3,000 times faster than chlorine, and requires fewer parts per million to achieve its desired results. It can achieve 4 to 6 log reductions in a short period of me without the by-products of chlorine. For example, a 5-log reduction of E. coli population can be accomplished by exposure to aqueous ozone for only 30 seconds. Aqueous ozone is effective against E. coli populations whether they are found on the surface of food stuffs, or on the hands of food handlers, who can immerse their hands in ozonated water rinses during food preparation.

Ozone has been approved as a disinfection/sanitizing agent for more than 19 years when the FDA granted GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) status approval in 2001. Ozone is approved for organics, and is approved by FDA as a food addictive. Ozonated water in the wash environment can enhance food safety by killing waterborne and surface pathogens on food products, processing equipment, and contact points of food handlers. Eliminate Bacteria SGS Bacteria Test. Ozonated water breaks down into water and oxygen molecules, leaving no residue Unlike chlorine sterilizing processes, there is no need for facilities to receive, store, or dispose of ozone. If you spill ozonated water, get a mop. If you spill chlorine, well, that's a problem you don't need. Ozonated water is the modern, economical, and environmentally benign solution to an ancient problem.

View the Kona Ozone Presentation PDF for more information.