How It Works

The patented Kona technology consists of an ozone generator and a specialised faucet. Ozone is created when electrical energy splits an ordinary oxygen molecule (O2) and starts a chemical reaction resulting in ozone (O3).

The (O3) gets mixed with natural water in the tip (aerator) of the Kona faucet. The ozone/water mix flowing from the tap is a natural sanitizer and disinfectant. The ozonated water gets its sanitizing effect through its oxidation process. Ozone atoms combine themselves with organic and inorganic matter and dissolve them through oxidisation.

Kona Faucet system uses a Corona discharge process which is
ironic as it is 99.9% effective against the Corona virus family of pathogens.
A pathogen may be referred to as an infectious agent, or simply a germ.
The term pathogen came into use in the 1880s.
Typically, the term is used to describe an infectious microorganism or agent,
such as a virus, bacterium, protozoan, prion, viroid, or fungus.

The lifecycle of the ozonised water takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes before the ozone in the water reverts back into oxygen (O2 – The oxygen we breathe). It dissipates into the air and leaves behind no chemical residues, just clean water.


Kona Ozone Faucet is offered in a variety of designs and styles, drawing from women’s sleek curves. It comes with all necessary accessories and is easy to install on your kitchen or bathroom sink. Simply connect the water and power service by yourself following our instruction manuals below. If necessary, we can also supply water filters to ensure the quality of the water.


Kona Ozone faucet is the first ozone faucet with internal design that can mix ozone and water immediately. The ozone concentration can be stabilised easily by micro PC to ensure a safe living environment. Ozone is FDA approved for direct food contact application.

Kona sets high standards for water efficiency. The daily power consumption is only (12V, 4.5 – 6 watts). Based on normal standby and ozone generation, the generator uses just one unit of electricity (1000 watts) for about 150 hours of operations.


Ozone Generator

The generator can produce ozone for approximately 10.000 effective hours. Based on average usage, the ozone generator only needs to be replaced every 4 - 5 years. It can be replaced by yourself or your local plumbing company.

Relocation of Kona Faucet

The fitting can be removed and re-installed anywhere.

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Washing under running ozone water for a few seconds kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on contact.

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