Happy Customers

Read what some of our past customers have to say.

I have installed a Kona Ozone faucet system into my home and our two Airbnb units. It is of great comfort knowing that our family and guests can wash and disinfect their hands in a manner 100x more effective than chlorine or other chemicals. Also, it’s without negative environmental impact or chemical residue.


I’ve recently bought the Kona Ozone faucet system and installed it at the kitchen sink myself - an easy process to do! It’s great to have a system in the house to help with hygiene, especially now during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We can sterilise food products in their packaging and remove any possible contamination. This system has also been great for prolonging the life of our food, both in the fridge and in the fruit basket. Washing veg and fruit has removed bacteria and given the products a longer shelf life.

I’ve also tried some of the water on an indoor plant which had a white fungus. I’ve been trying to get rid of for month but without success. I sprayed the water onto the fungus and within a day it was gone and has not yet returned.

Overall a great product and I highly recommend it for the home or office.